My Way of Building a Natural Swimming Pool

In Europe, this technology has been proven and is in wide use, yet, in America, the popularity of these chemical free pools is just catching on. Our company; Expanding Horizons has developed a hybrid version of the Swim Pond that differs from the normal European model in various ways.

Swimming Pool Remodel on a Grand Scale

The owners were looking to change the look of their pool and create something completely unique. Bryan Morse and the Artisans at Expanding Horizons came up with the concept that is pictured in this Blog

This is a massive Faux Rock (artificial rock) project contrasting against Quartzite that was imported from China at the waterline and Natural Rock walls.

Clean and natural: Vista designer’s system uses plants to filter pool water

Unable to find any information about how to build a natural swimming pool, Morse said he “just went with what felt right” and built the pool as he would any other, with return lines, a main drain, skimmers and a pump. However, next to the pool he built two regeneration zones, which, unlike in European swim ponds, are completely separate from the swimming area.