A Project that we created is for sale in Leucadia, CA

This is a house in Leucadia, CA that we landscaped some years ago; it just came on the market…

It was a challenge because there was no front door or any type of obvious entry from the street.

We used recycled blue granite salvaged from a site in Poway where we helped build a $15 million Craftsman style estate.

As seen from the street

Visitors walk across this patio with an inlaid pebble design of a spiral sun

Closeup of inlaid pebble work

Buddha Head fountain and the family cat
Massive Yucca and Distictis buccinatoria (formerly Bignonia cherere) or Red Trumpet vine create a cozy backdrop for this undulating natural rock seat wall.

Stacked Quartzite faces this outdoor kitchen located just outside the kitchen of the house.

This is the secondary entrance to the front yard Garden from the driveway through a half arch.


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