My Way of Building a Natural Swimming Pool

Natural Swimming Pools (NSP’s) or Swim Ponds have become a phenomenon across much of Western Europe and Australia. Dozens of companies are actively promoting this hybrid form of a swimming pool and public enthusiasm for NSP’s is increasing every year.

In Europe, this technology has been proven and is in wide use, yet, in America, the popularity of these chemical free pools is just catching on. Our company; Expanding Horizons has developed a hybrid version of the Swim Pond that differs from the normal European model in various ways.

Firstly, in the European model, the pools are generally constructed 9′ or more deep so that the decomposing organic waste may settle in water too deep to stand in and eventually removed by a service (generally once every three years). Our pools have a more conventional looking swim zone anywhere between 4′ and 6′ deep depending on the needs of the client. We include a pool-sweep (or vacuum) to aide in the goal of having a pristine swimming experience. Generally, we separate the regeneration zone from the swim zone to help keep the swim zone clean.

This project is on a six acre horse ranch called  Sagewalk Ranch next to the White Mountains about 30 miles north of Bishop, CA. in a hamlet called Hammil Valley. Although not pictured, we also created a Labyrinth and installed a Yurt on this Ranch as well.

IMG_2373 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
After laying out the pool  with the owners by painting it on the ground, we excavate our own swimming pools in house.
IMG_2383 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
The rough pool has been excavated and next we will fine-grade it and remove all rock and debris.
DSC00088 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
After the hole has been fine graded, depressions are added for piping and then the bottom is covered with a geo-textile fabric to protect the liner.
IMG_2418 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
The Liner is installed, plumbing added and then covered with poultry netting. Around the edges where we will be adding boulders, we cover the liner with another layer of the geo-textile membrane.
IMG_2426 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
This photo shows most of the perimeter rock installed with the Beach Entry in the foreground.
IMG_2460 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
Installing the Skimmer
IMG_2466 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
Beginning to pump the colored concrete that will be the finish of the interior of the Swim Zone.
IMG_2469 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
Smoothing out the Concrete.
IMG_2485 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
Plaster Trowels are used to smooth out and finish the concrete.
Expanding Horizons 2 135 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
After the concrete cures, I add highlights with other colors to create depth and interest in the finish. I do the painting and sealing of the interior barefoot, in the process they become well colored.
Expanding Horizons 2 128 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
Overview before we strip the plastic and add water.
Expanding Horizons 2 138 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
Just filled.
Expanding Horizons 2 112 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
Here we are building a long stream that connects the Regeneration Zone (seen in the background) with the Swim zone.
Expanding Horizons 2 118 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
The Stream is mostly completed and the regeneration zone has been filled with water, it is ready for plants.
Expanding Horizons 2 121 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
As we start planting it with Marginals collected from local streams and ponds, one of the Ranch dogs checks it out…
Expanding Horizons 2 124 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
More plants.
Expanding Horizons 2 141 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
The Natural Pool includes a spa with a small cascade down into the pool.
Expanding Horizons 2 142 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
Concrete between the house and the pool has been installed. Beach entry looks good!
IMG_2837 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
Finished pool
IMG_2854 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
View from the house with the Spa in the foreground.
IMG_2862 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).jpg
The Regeneration Zone is starting to grow in.
DSC00258 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
Sierras in the background
DSC00270 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
Stream with bridge and Regeneration Zone in the background.
DSC00274 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC).JPG
View of the Spa and stream into the pool.
Aerial 2.jpg
Aerial View of the Ranch today.



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