Estate Planning & Development

This is a Craftsman Style House in Poway, CA. This project was unique in that in addition to the Landscape Construction and Softscape, the Artisans at Expanding Horizons did the extensive Natural Rock and used brick wainscoting on the exterior of the house and many elements inside the house as well.


Aerial View of the Building site. Bryan Morse participated with a team to develop this one acre Site Plan for this Estate


Court yard (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC)
This is the Courtyard as seen from above


Click here to find out more about this Unique Estate 

Courtyard at night


Pikake Botanical Gardens was a privately funded Botanical Garden in Valley Center ,CA

Pikake Gardens was conceived as a lifelong dream of Clyde and Connie Childress. Tired of the bustle of South Orange County they decided to relocate to Valley Center. Clyde and Connie first contacted their soon-to-be designer and artist/contractor Bryan Morse of Expanding Horizons in the fall of 1998. In initial consultations with the Childress’s, Bryan Morse mapped out the vision, which would guide the development of the gardens. The six-acre parcel was divided into rough zones that would form the boundaries of the various gardens.
Visitors arriving at Pikake Gardens enter the gates onto the Grand Concourse which is oriented from the north entry to the south entry of the property. It acts as an artery to access the various gardens which include: A Rain Forest, a Tropical Fruit Garden, a Formal Rose Garden, a Mediterranean Garden, a Protea Garden, a Desert GardenPan-Asian Garden, a BogᅠGarden, a Prayer Garden and an English Garden.


Bing2 (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC)
Aerial View of the 12 acre parcel with home and Gardens. Master Plan created by Bryan Morse


In the summer of 2005 we were engaged to visit Sagewalk Ranch north of Bishop, CA to build a Natural Swimming Pool. Once we began work, it became apparent that the client’s vision involved a lot more. By the time we had finished, we had added (among other elements) a Yurt, many meandering paths, a bridge, an outdoor kitchen and a Labyrinth

Aerial 2
Aerial view of the property with the Natural Swimming Pool in the Center.


Partial view of the Swim Pond


Pool and Spa.jpg
Pool and Spa


Alta Vista Botanical Gardens is a self funded non profit Botanical Garden on 14 acres of land owned by the City of Vista. Bryan Morse was a member of the Board of Trustees for the Garden for over 13 years. He served as part of the Executive, first as the Board Secretary, then as Vice President and finally as Director of Gardens and President/CEO for six years. During his time as Director of Gardens he developed the Master Plan and created the vast majority of the elements that are now part of the gardens

“Alta Vista Botanical Gardens was named to reflect the wonderful view that our site offers its visitors. Alta Vista Botanical Gardens harmoniously incorporates education, nature and art.” This Garden was an early pioneer in adding Art to Gardens. This Garden is proud to have over 50 public sculptures. Find out More


Alta Vista Botanical Gardens Master Plan (click on Link to see bigger Plan) created by a team led by Bryan Morse

2012 Trail Map (2015_08_25 12_01_50 UTC)

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